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Verification and validation examples for software based structural analysis

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    Now also possible: specify a contact person 6 months ago

    When entering the organization, there is mow also the possibility to enter a contact person of the organization for EvaDAT incl. the associated contact data.

    The respective user who created the organization is authorised to make changes to the organization entry.

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    EvaDAT is online 6 months ago

    Now the time has finally come. The free platform for quality assurance in software-based structural analysis and design is available for everyone to use as of today. EvaDAT is an acronym for Evaluation Example Database.

    Until now, developments and applications of software for structural design have hardly been regulated. In Germany, structural analysis software can be brought onto the market by anyone and can also be used by anyone. There are no specific specifications or even rules for quality assurance, neither on the part of the producer nor on the part of the user. Based on the standard VDI 6201, EvaDAT provides qualified evaluation examples with reference solutions, with the help of which a comparison with one's own software and thus a quality control is possible.

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